#4: Prompt for today: The anonymous note said: Meet me in the abandoned car park.
Write a 200-word dialogue for the conversation that unfolds in the car park

‘Hey! Who’s there?’

‘So, you came. I knew you would. Don’t be scared, come closer. There’s no one else.’

‘Boss? Is that you? What do you want?’

‘Always the control freak, aren’t you?’

‘I’m the control freak? Meet me in the abandoned car park at ten thirty tonight. Who the hell leaves notes like that? Anonymous! In print!’

‘But I got your attention, right?’

‘Listen, if this is about, uh, about the pills…’

‘What pills?’

‘You know, the ones I took from the meds’ supply.’

‘You did what?’

‘I’m going to return them, I swear. I’ll find a way. Next week, I promise. No one would notice anyway. It’s an ER, right?’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘The pills, the morphine capsules! If my wife finds out… But I had to sell them, man, I had to pay for that restaurant. It’s my birthday, right? You should’ve seen the face of my father-in-low when I took the cheque. Ha! See, I can pay too. I am good enough!’

‘Oh. I see now. Err, you shouldn’t have told me that.’

‘What are you talking about? Boss?’

A flood of sudden light. Car horns hoot, headlights blink and everyone screaming, Surprise! 

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